Ritual of reading

Every morning the alarm goes off!!! Another day! Another adventure. I doze for a bit while the beloved gets off to work, delivering me the best daily present…a cup of soul restoring tea. Then the real ritual begins. I pick up my book and read. I’m reading a print book today, but it could be a kindle or an
iPad eBOOK. I open up and my adventure awaits and I step in, like the first submersion into a tepid Far North Queensland pool. Ahhhh…



The Ultimate Connection

The joy of a good book is indeed a comforting thing. My fiction reading over the last say 2 years has been sporadic at best. There was a lot going on and I pushed my reading away like a child abandons a favoured toy, only to return some time later and be filled with the incredible comfort of the reconnection.
I have read in this time, but not connected. I grieved for it, but now I think I have found my love again. And what a great love it is.