The joys of Book Club

I belong to a fantastic Book Club. We even have a man! But I’ve never seen him at a meeting! Actually it’s the least meeting type of get together imaginable. It usually involves a book we may have read, and yummy food, and sharing. That is the best bit, the sharing. These incredible people are so giving with experiences and wisdoms and joys that the satisfaction you get from reading a great book is equaled only by the companionship our Book Club meetings bring!



Librarian…Lost at Sea!

Nettie at 23When my large employer decided that the term Librarian was not sexy enough and changed it, I decided it was time for a change too!
For too long my Blog had been devoted unconditionally to all things Librarian…
But that’s about to change….
I’m hauling up the anchor and beginning a new voyage. Books will always be there, but it wont be all books, books, books.

I apologize now if you don’t like that navigational path I have set, and I will not hold it against you if you decide to jump ship!
I’m currently charting a new course and will set sail soon…..


But above all things…

International Librarians Network

'NYPL - Lion (Fortitude) and Truth' by Kathleen Tyler Conklin used under Creative Commons license  CC BY 2.0 ‘NYPL – Lion (Fortitude) and Truth’ by Kathleen Tyler Conklin used under Creative Commons license CC BY 2.0

The New York Public Library has a very popular Instagram account with over 68,000 followers. In December, the Library started posting some old questions recorded in those pre-internet days and started using the hashtag #letmelibrarianthatforyou

This program very quickly gained media attention (here, here and here) , inspired other libraries to share their stories on Twitter, and librarian Rosa Caballero-Li was even interviewed on NPR about the project.

The questions, each originally recorded on a classic catalog card, are being given new life in the digital age. They are in insight into how much has changed and yet still the same.

Below are selections from their collection.

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Ritual of reading

Every morning the alarm goes off!!! Another day! Another adventure. I doze for a bit while the beloved gets off to work, delivering me the best daily present…a cup of soul restoring tea. Then the real ritual begins. I pick up my book and read. I’m reading a print book today, but it could be a kindle or an
iPad eBOOK. I open up and my adventure awaits and I step in, like the first submersion into a tepid Far North Queensland pool. Ahhhh…