The 8 Skills Students Must Have For The Future | Edudemic

Education has focused on the basic “3Rs” of reading, writing & arithmetic, but as technological innovation changes educators must re-evaluate their skills.

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A cross between a celebrity and a Librarian… Goddammit someone has already coined the phrase!  @SKETCHlIBRARIAN


Nancy Pearl

Ten of the coolest Librarians Alive (By Emily Temple)

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2015 au revoir!

2015 has been a really big year. Lots of love and lots of learning and lots of letting go.

My University has had a total overhaul. Staff have gone, jobs have changed. Comfort zones have shifted and things are changed forever. Where do I fit in with this?  Well, change, learning, challenge and self reflection has been a big part of 2015. How I choose to come into my place of work is completely up to me. A smile and a spring in my step is my modus operandi. How I behave is my choice.

I choose to live each and every day with fun, and enthusiasm. I find joy in the smallest of things and I thank the universe every morning that I am alive and that my family are well.

As 2015 rolls into 2016 I wish for resilience, patience and joy.

I wish that for all of you too.

xxx Nettie


I’m just dead without Draper!

Don Draper has smoked his last Lucky Strike and I’m going through major withdrawal already!

I must admit that watching Mad Men always made me feel better about, well, everything! Some of the characters were so messed up, that my life was a walk in the park by comparison. Often these characters would eventually sort them selves out, or the Surgeon General would (sorry Betty [spoiler]). 

I’ll miss the fashions, I’ll miss the boobs and the broads and the boys! I’ll miss the fantastic set dressings, that were so damn good! 

Mad Men! the real thing! 


Time out baby! Time out!

Snce I left the Facebook realm recently, I have been exploring the blog world. I have to say…how do they do it? How do they find the time? Some blogs are absolutely extraordinary, detailed and prolific! Do these people ever stop? Or am I just an incredible time waster? I have realised the randomness of anything  I post. I recall hearing a fashion blogger condescendingly claim that her blog was a “stream of conscience thought!” Never got to see the blog, but I remembered that statement. The blogs I have seen are like massive websites, full, updated variety plus! It’s a whole event! Beautiful pictures (don’t get me started on copyright!!! (Sorry Edina and Pats!))

So I’m saying to myself really, that it doesn’t matter how good your blog is, how many followers, and I pity mine! (such loyal friends) there is so much out there already. I’m just polluting the cyber dome!  But that’s okay, because my blog is for me! Just for me! But hats off the the mega bloggers who have thousands of followers. Good luck to you, great business! And thanks for all the tips! 


The Glamorous Housewife

times up!