2015 au revoir!

2015 has been a really big year. Lots of love and lots of learning and lots of letting go.

My University has had a total overhaul. Staff have gone, jobs have changed. Comfort zones have shifted and things are changed forever. Where do I fit in with this?  Well, change, learning, challenge and self reflection has been a big part of 2015. How I choose to come into my place of work is completely up to me. A smile and a spring in my step is my modus operandi. How I behave is my choice.

I choose to live each and every day with fun, and enthusiasm. I find joy in the smallest of things and I thank the universe every morning that I am alive and that my family are well.

As 2015 rolls into 2016 I wish for resilience, patience and joy.

I wish that for all of you too.

xxx Nettie