Time out baby! Time out!

Snce I left the Facebook realm recently, I have been exploring the blog world. I have to say…how do they do it? How do they find the time? Some blogs are absolutely extraordinary, detailed and prolific! Do these people ever stop? Or am I just an incredible time waster? I have realised the randomness of anything  I post. I recall hearing a fashion blogger condescendingly claim that her blog was a “stream of conscience thought!” Never got to see the blog, but I remembered that statement. The blogs I have seen are like massive websites, full, updated variety plus! It’s a whole event! Beautiful pictures (don’t get me started on copyright!!! (Sorry Edina and Pats!))

So I’m saying to myself really, that it doesn’t matter how good your blog is, how many followers, and I pity mine! (such loyal friends) there is so much out there already. I’m just polluting the cyber dome!  But that’s okay, because my blog is for me! Just for me! But hats off the the mega bloggers who have thousands of followers. Good luck to you, great business! And thanks for all the tips! 

Hello natural.co

The Glamorous Housewife

times up!


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