What I really want to say to my students…

For all the students, and the student in all of us!


Dear Student,

You do not have to prove yourself to me. You are enough. You are good enough, as a person, just the way you are now.

As a student, there are some things you need to do. You need to come to class and engage in activities. You need to attempt the tasks set and then hand them in.

Some of the work I ask you to do will be hard. It has to be, so I can see how much you understand and so I know what you don’t understand yet.  So I can decide how best to teach you (and the rest of the class) so that you all have the greatest chance of success.

Not getting everything right, first go, does not mean that you are stupid. It does not make you less worthy. It does not make you less important.  It does not mean that…

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