The secret network, Ancient, Honest, Formidable!

This morning I had the pleasure to have a Book Week breakfast with some fantastic Librarians. There is a secret understanding with librarians….it’s just there. 100% support, 100% loyalty, 100% Real!



Eau De Parfum Codex

Why are Libraries always thought of as Nice Places? And they smell fabulous!

Well..Its because generally the people who work in Libraries love the whole Library/book/ebook/information/community/sharing vibe. It would be a real pity if Libraries were made to much like school halls? The Book smell is wonderful. If we are going to recreate the library vibe with our massive ebook collections, we need to get the scent right.


Librarian JOY!

Visual Gag Fiction Nun-fiction nuns in a nunnery library choosing and reading books for nunsWhy is it that I love going to work? It’s not the books, or even the eBooks. It’s not the people. It’s something more…
It’s the thrill of the chase perhaps…? Librarians are massive problem solvers and searchers…Adventurers in the realms of knowledge, facts, figures…proof.
Librarians see their work as a vocation, like a novice taking the habit in a convent. We become one with the word..we don’t “work” as a Librarian we become one!