2012 Ahoy there! Librarian the new Dorothy!

Librarian…the image is of what, glasses, bookish, nerdy…? No! it is of a person who loves to solve problmes! That is what we do SOLVE PROBLEMS!

Librarian face a problem head on. We are quick to analyse it we; define the problem – ask “what’s the problem?” Explore the issues surrounding the problem, look for alternatives, options and other avenues. Then we act by sourcing an answer then delivering it. We follow the yellow brick road..becasue we believe there is one! To every problem there is a yellow brick road.

Librarians are all really Dorothys’ which means “Gift from God” so…Librarians all being  Dorothy type problem solvers are actually gifts from God! I Like it!



Bilby Baby – The quintessential Australian Mammal

For many years I have completed a ritual which I hope in some small way keeps the plight of our endangered Bilby current to a select number of Canadians.

Every Easter 4 Chocolate Bilbies are packaged and sent to Canada to my dear friend Celine Callender and her family. The brave bilbies endure travel over a great distance, and many days to arrive ready for their Canadian adventure.