Librarian AHOY gets new smart phone!

Well my thoughts of leading a phone free life lasted some 48 or so hours.

Reasons for replacing phone

  1. Convenience of communicating
  2. The calendar – I may not have a print diary this year
  3. Can’t miss too many photo opportunities



1 thought on “Librarian AHOY gets new smart phone!

  1. This reminds me of William Power’s “Hamlet’s Blackberry” – he falls overboard off his boat and makes the conscious decision to replace his phone the next day. His whole book is an interesting read about how technology clamors for our attention and thus we need to be conscious of its affects and consequences to harness it to best use. Interestingly he makes his case by looking at moments of technological change from the past – the rise of writing/the alphabet; tables (erasable clay tablets) and various wisemen who used them. Librarian AHOY might want to make a reply and redress some of his gender imbalance if familiar with or has time to read the book.

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