Librarian versus the Kardashians!

I was watching the kardashian sisters Kim and another one (Khloe??) on T.V. this morning. They are in Australia at present.

They have over a million followers on Twitter or so I am told. – Don’t quote me, it’s probably 2 milllion by now! SOCIAL MEDIA is their internet facilitated vehicle to keep their fans or “followeers” informed of their every move and decision. So the well oiled and highly greased wheels of their dollar empire churn away at a rate of knots. Their product endorsements, celebrity appearances, $25, 000 for an hour of drinking in a bar (and the booze is free), and other sponsorhip or media deals keep churning out the cash.

So my question is………………..How can Librarians compete with this..Should we try or even care? Librarians in Social Media, who are we kidding?



1 thought on “Librarian versus the Kardashians!

  1. Perhaps real competition isn’t about numbers of followers but distribution of accurate and useful information — librarians certainly have an abundance of that when compared to the Kardashians; I know who I’d rather follow. The twitter-sphere, like the world it is attempting to interact with, is segmented (but overlapping) and thus we need to remind ourselves that biggest/most followers isn’t always best. Now we just have to work out how to get librarians to become celebrities and get paid $25,000 to read (maybe in bars).

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