Librarian AHOY gets new smart phone!

Well my thoughts of leading a phone free life lasted some 48 or so hours.

Reasons for replacing phone

  1. Convenience of communicating
  2. The calendar – I may not have a print diary this year
  3. Can’t miss too many photo opportunities



I washed my Smart Phone!

Is it fortuitious that my Smart Phone ended up accidentally in the wash last night? Now I am faced with the decision of whether to replace it with he same phone, get an Iphone, or turn my back on the “SMART” phone environment and get a non-smart phone. Or do I sayNO I don’t need a mobile phone at all? Is this an opportunity to try a mobile free life for say 12 months? Or do I just have a simple phone?
How would this change my life? Would it make it better or worse?

Social Capital!!!!!!! What’s your investment?

Laura Solomon (Solomon, 2011 ) defines social capital as “Becomming a strong, consistent member of the online community”  How invested are you? I have been “banking” since the late 90’s. I have been more a watcher that a player. I’m wondering why it interests me? Is it because it is new and may offer fresh possibilities? Or is it because the only way to control the massive amounts of information is to be selective and have the freedom to pick and choose what you view/subscribe to?  I think the older generations are still caught up in the read the whole thing scenario – eat it all on your plate. My plate is too full!