Blog musings

I’m thinking alot about BLOGS…So many are so …can i say pointless..or am I missing the point?? I prefer group Blogs, seems more even, more relevant info, and less personal musings… I think Blogs are a bit like graffiti!! It makes someone feel good putting it there, but who reads it and who cares??
I’m enjoyint reading “Why Blog? Motivations for Blogging” by Sarah Pedersen. So I might become better informed!


2 thoughts on “Blog musings

  1. From your friends in far away places, blogging about your perspectives would be interesting… What’s happening in your area with the “Occupy” movement? Where are you all with respect to attitudes towards mental/emotional health? What do you think about nanotechnology? How are intersex children/infants treated by the medical system? Are the mice running the universe?
    Best of luck!! and I look forward to some exciting insights.

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